Our Team

Dr. Atul C. Shah, MD is Practicing and Licensed Physician for 25 years in the Metro-Detroit area as General Practitioner and Psychiatrist. Dr. Atul C. Shah, MD has evaluated more than 120,000 (One hundred and twenty thousand) in 35 years of overall practice with care and dignity.

He is a Member in Good Standing with American Medical Association (AMA) from 1990 to Present, Member in Good Standing with Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) from 1990 to Present, Member in Good Standing with Wayne County Medical Society (WCMS) from 1990 to present. He was a Member in Good Standing with American Psychiatric Association (APA) from 1990 to 2004.

He has Actively Participated with AMA, MSMS and WCMS during 1991 to 1994 as Delegate, Chairman of Resident Physician Section (RPS) of MSMS and Vice-Chairman of RPS Michigan Psychiatric Society (MPS).

Dr. Atul C. Shah, MD has extensive and valuable experience as a General Practitioner to take care of the diverse group of patients with compassion.

He strongly believes in integration of the Physical Body, Subtle Mind and Spirituality for the well being and betterment of the patients and general public of the Metro-Detroit area and our country as well other countries.

Dr. Atul C. Shah, MD is President, Moderator and Owner of his Personal Web page VedicLiteraturetheSupremeScience@yahoogroups.com helping in betterment of the general public in Unites States of America, India and other places from 2007 to present.

Dr.Atul C. Shah, MD

Sam Bhagwat Is the founder of the Low Cost Medical Clinics.

He has been working with doctors and seeing the rising cost of being and staying healthy and having a sense of helping the community he has started this amazingly low cost clinic which anyone can afford.

In addition to being compassionate he also is driven to make this a success and open more such clinics for people to take advantage of and stay healthy. He wants to team with pharmacies and labs to cut their cost to help the patients too.

Sam also likes to save dogs lives and fosters several dogs in his house till they find their fur ever home!

Sam Bhagwat

Karen Bhagwat has been in the medical field since 1980 and is a BSN from Oakland University. She is passionate about quality medical care and is a founding board member of the Care Transitions Improvement Coalition of Southeast Michigan. The founding of an organization that can provide the demographic underserved by the medical community is exciting, and she is proud to be a part of that. In her spare time, she shares Sam’s passion for rescuing and fostering dogs to help them find forever homes.

Karen Bhagwat