About Us

Our “LOW COST MEDICAL CLINICS” program is an exciting service that provides you primary care medical services for a monthly fee. It is not insurance. It allows you freedom of alliance with a primary care office without the burden and interference of insurance companies. It is 'old fashioned' medicine in that your doctor is working directly for you, not for the insurance company.

With new concerns over the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on access to care and continued frustration with third-party reimbursement, innovative care models such as our direct primary care may help to provide a satisfying alternative for doctors and patients. Doctors paid directly rather than through the patients’ insurance premiums typically provide patients with same or next day visits and offer managed coordinated, personalized care. Direct primary care—also known as “retainer medicine” or “concierge medicine”—has grown rapidly in recent years. There are roughly 4,400 direct primary care physicians nationwide, up from 756 in 2010 and a mere 146 in 2005.

We are committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality and affordable medical treatment for the whole family. With sensitivity and compassion, we work with our patients to promote good health and wellness in a professional and caring environment.

Our focus on excellence, integrity, and quality health care means you will always be treated with respect and receive the personalized attention you deserve. Our team prides itself on delivering state-of-the-art services combined with our unique, collaborative health care approach.

Together we can achieve optimal health and well-being for you and your family. We know the best path toward wellness involves you. We look forward to working together in providing you with expert medical treatment, guidance and care.