Through our “LOW COST MEDICAL CLINICS” program, Our Direct Primary Care Clinics offer exceptional healthcare with affordable access to anyone who needs it. No insurance? It doesn’t matter. You will always receive quality healthcare, designed just for you, from our physicians, health insurance or not.

Medical Services include:

Acute and Chronic Diseases and Allergy Management Asthma Nebulizer Treatment STD Check Up and Treatment Back Problems, Sprains and Strains Management Walk-in Treatments Full Blood Work Including Drug Screenings Diagnostic Services Family Planning and Counseling Preventive Medicine (Annual Exams) Well Child Visits Pap Smears and Other Cancer Screenings Sports Medicine and Physicals School Physicals Boot Camp physicals Laceration Repairs, Minor Wound Treatments etc.Electrocardiogram Pulmonary Function Tests Occupational Medicine and Employment Physicals Specialty referrals (Some procedures may have a discounted cost to them)

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A Low Cost Way to Stay Healthy!

Great for people with no insurance or employers who cannot offer regular insurance programs to their employees.

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Low monthly fee

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Our “LOW COST MEDICAL CLINICS” program is an exciting service that provides you primary care medical services for a monthly fee. It is not insurance. It allows you freedom of alliance with a primary care office without the burden and interference of insurance companies. It is 'old fashioned' medicine in that your doctor is working directly for you, not for the insurance company.

There are distinct advantages for the patient who pays the primary care physician (PCP) directly:

Are you fed up with waiting weeks for a medical appointment — and then getting only a few precious minutes with your doctor? The unnecessary tests and referrals to a specialist? Insurance hassles, red tape? Guess what!

So are doctors... And a small but growing number are refusing to accept their patients' medical insurance. Instead, doctors are running their practices on a "membership" model that they claim allows them to spend more time with their patients and to provide better care.

It's called direct primary care, a less expensive offshoot of concierge medicine, which traditionally has been reserved for higher-income patients who pay thousands of dollars per year for longer appointments, better access and more personal care with their doctors. (Direct Primary Care doctors don't accept any insurance.)

So, who are we and,… is direct primary care right for you?

We are “Low Cost Medical Clinics” a direct primary care program for People and Employers with or without insurance.

How does direct primary care work?

Patients pay a monthly membership fee. In exchange, they get a more generous allocation of appointments, sometimes for the same day or the day after they called. Appointments usually last longer than the average seven minutes per insurance-based visit. Doctors are available by email and in some cases even make house calls.

At Low Cost Medical Clinics, there is a low cost of $10 per office visit. Routine tests and procedures are included. Certain services are provided at a significantly discounted rate, or a small fee may be charged if patients request more time with the doctor. Privately insured patients may seek reimbursement for such costs on their own.

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• Unlimited, accessible, highly personalized health care for a low monthly fee

• A doctor who knows your complete health history

• A doctor who views the doctor-patient relationship as a team

• Appointments that can be made the same day if needed

• Unhurried appointments that start and end on time

• Adequate time to address the problem and answer all your questions

• Comprehensive yearly wellness and personalized lifestyle counseling

• Close monitoring of chronic illnesses

• Email, messaging for simple problems and questions resulting in fewer office visits

• A direct relationship with your doctor unencumbered from insurance and government requirements and limitations

• For Employers who do not offer health insurance to their employees, this is a low cost way to keep your employees healthy and productive.